Product Description

PlasmaRho-D I.V. is a sterile non-pyrogenic aqueous solution, containing 150 μg /ml of immune globulin Anti-D. PlasmaRho-D I.V. is prepared from pooled Human venous plasma with a high content of Anti-D antibodies by exchange column chromatography.

Each unit of plasma and each plasma pool used in the manufacture of this product has been tested and found to be non-reactive to Hepatitis B surface Antigen (HBsAg), anti-HIV I-II and anti-HCV Additionally, the plasma is also found negative for HAV,HIV,HBV and HCV by NAT.


  • Non-splenectomised Rho (D) – positive adults with chronic ITP, children with chronic or acute ITP, and patients with thrombocytopenia secondary to HIV infection
  • Clinical situations requiring an increase in platelet count to prevent excessive haemorrhage
  • Suppression of Rh immunization in non-sensitized Rho(D) negative women delivering Rho (D) positive baby or when the baby’s Rh type is unknown.


  • Store at 2°C to 8°C
  • Do not freeze


36 months from the date of manufacturing